Introductory Price for Mobile Apps!

Yes, we know. Some people think that we're crazy. But we want to get the word out about Mobile Apps as quickly as we can, and we want small businesses to be able to take advantage of this technology. So, for a VERY LIMITED time, we have Mobile App packages at a ridiculously low introductory price.

Contact us by email or PICK UP THE PHONE and call us at 972-679-7063 to find out more and to get the details about how YOU can have a Mobile App.


A telephone number, a website, a mobile app

Here are some excerpts from an article written by Gene Marks, a contributor to Forbes.

It echos what I have been telling my clients and customers regarding the need to have a custom mobile marketing app to help build their community.


“Smart, boring, conservative companies are getting serious about mobile applications. Slowly but surely, they’re waking up to the, the need…to utilize these applications to develop more business and keep their customers coming back.”

“These companies know that mobile apps are not toys. These are tools. When it comes to mobile, we’re just getting started. I believe that the mobile application industry is about to explode over the next few years. And it will be fueled by millions of small and medium sized companies who will soon realize that having a mobile application is as necessary as having a phone number and a website to do business.”

“And what do I get in return, as a business? By offering a free mobile application to my customers I’m (at least for now) differentiating myself from my competitors who aren’t thinking this way. I’m saying to my customers: “Once you’re part of my community you’ll be treated specially. You can access us anytime from anywhere with our mobile app and get whatever information you need. Because we value your time.” I can use the mobile application to provide special incentives to my customers. And even if the mobile application is not widely adapted, I’m at the very least giving some of my customers who prefer to do business this way a process that’s desirable for them. It’s all about choices. And ease. And time. Customers appreciate that.”

“…every business should be thinking about building mobile applications today. It’s not a fad or a passing trend. It’s customer service.”

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